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Is your IT Organization in need of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) today, but find the costs a challenge and the quality of the professional a concern?

Axis Technologies (Axis Tec) can help. By utilizing our CISO ON-Demand Services model, we can help you meet the Information Security objectives of enhanced security and compliance, and do so cost-effectively without compromising quality of execution.

We focus on providing only the very best, industry-proven CISO’s available. Most come from Fortune 500 backgrounds. Axis Tec provides its CISO ON-Demand services on an as required, Statement-of-Work (SOW) basis. We can function as a Virtual CISO, Fractional CISO, short term solution CISO or interim CISO until a full-time person is found or cover specific near-term information security objectives.


Our CISO ON-Demand services offer clients CISO services as required based on a specified duration and required location, tailored to meet your needs. We will provide your organization with top CISO talent to augment your cybersecurity planning and execution. Leading companies come to us to align their information security compliance programs based on corporate objectives and to reduce associated risks and liabilities.


We strive to help our clients implement “Defense in Depth” strategies to ensure that you and your people, security framework, and respective tools/processes meet your compliance and protection requirements.

Our CISO’s have deep, practical knowledge of the CIA Triad principles – confidentiality, integrity, and availability and understand how critical those principles are regarding Information Security goals. Ensuring that security control is in place gives you the confidence that possible operational impact by unseen threat factors are minimized so that operations are not inadvertently interrupted on any given day.

Understanding how proposed security controls will impact business operations, finances, and technology is vital in ensuring that a specific security approach offers you the best return on investment.


As an optional service, we perform a complete review of your existing IT environment, Processes and Organization with our comprehensive Information Security Health & Wellness Risk assessment. At the end of the Assessment your Company is provided a scoring which is compared to industry peers, including:

Organization interviews including technical and business leads and executive team members

Deep dive assessments of information asset management, use policies, data classification, threat, and vulnerability management

Assisting in creating policies and procedures

Assisting in producing relevant documentation

Developing a remediation plan with actionable, prioritized recommendations

Key areas of immediate exposures and liabilities relative to governance and due diligence

Determining C-Level potential financial liabilities based on current US Laws

We provide regular C-Level reports at key intervals

Assist with compliance based on your exact Framework needs

Reducing overall risk posture

• Analysis of your digital assets and how to better secure them

Security awareness training guidance

Can assist with outsourcing your Cybersecurity Operations

Security as a Service (ISaaS)

As an additional service, our formalized method to analyze your current state and devise a plan to optimize your people, processes, and technology on where you are right now will deliver you an 18-month roadmap to optimize your Information Security Program. Based on the proven H&W we provide, your organization will address your C-level executives with the critical information they need to know to secure your digital assets.

Information Security Health & Wellness Assessment™ is an additional service and is not included in the basic CISO On-Demand services.

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