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What is Log Management?

Log management is the process of collecting, storing, and analyzing log data. It’s an essential part of system administration, and it can help you track down problems, optimize performance, and discover security issues. Log data can be extremely valuable, but only if properly managed. Many organizations need help managing their logs effectively. As a result, they miss out on the benefits that log management can offer.

Why Log Management is Important

Organizations can improve their performance and cybersecurity by collecting and analyzing log data and providing insights into system performance, user behavior, and cyberthreats. By proactively collecting and analyzing log data, organizations can detect issues before they cause problems. For example, if an organization notices that a particular user is repeatedly accessing sensitive data, it can take steps to prevent unauthorized access. Log data can also be used to troubleshoot system issues and identify trends. For example, if a system keeps crashing, analyzing the log data may reveal the root cause of the issue. 

The Challenge of Log Management 

One of the biggest challenges of log management is simply collecting all the relevant data. Log data is generated by every system component and can be spread across multiple machines. This volume of data makes it difficult to get a complete picture of what’s happening. Furthermore, log data is often unstructured and hard to analyze, making it difficult to extract useful information.

Log Management Solutions

Fortunately, some tools and services can help with log management. These tools can help you collect, store, and analyze your log data. They can also provide features like real-time alerts and report generation. These tools ensure you get the most out of your log data. As a result, you’ll be able to solve problems more quickly and improve your overall system performance.

Log Management Tools and Data Challenges

Instead of brute-force processing of unfiltered data, Axis Technologies believes in using the right data at the right time. We help your company save time and money by using AI-driven technologies to eliminate data silos, increase data efficiency, cultivate data insights, customize events data collection, and strengthen data security. 

LogLogic® – A Splunk Management Solution

Splunk is a popular data log management tool. Many Splunk customers soon realize the large volume of data logged results in high cost and an overwhelming amount of labor to sort data for specific events. LogLogic augments your Splunk solution to save money and time by customizing data sorted by events so you can refer to the right data at the right time. 

The cost savings can be significant with LogLogic, depending on the data sources, the amount of data your company ingests, and how long you retain and index the data. We have helped some enterprise Splunk users save over $400,000 annually on their Splunk bills.