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Access, combine, and provision all your enterprise data.

When silos of data are spread across traditional data warehouses, enterprise applications, big data lakes, operational data stores, and the cloud, your business teams are challenged. Breaking down silos is hard, specialized, time-consuming work, and in the meantime, you’re flying blind.

Data virtualization helps you overcome these challenges by creating one place to combine, provision, and access all your data through business-friendly views that hide the complexity of multiple technologies, formats, protocols, and locations.

With TIBCO you can simplify access to any data source onpremises or in the cloud, achieving your data integration, cloud data migration, data fabric, virtual data layer, logical data warehouse, and data services needs. And the best part? You eliminate unnecessary data replication and gain agility for mitigating risk, reducing costs, and delivering the most up-to-date and complete information to the business, on-demand.

We’re here to help you see the full picture.

Support diverse demands driven by multiple lines of business, hundreds of projects, and thousands of users while meeting your most demanding SLAs.


business-friendly data

Deliver data in a business-relevant way instead of how it is stored in IT schemas. Maintain consistency with business definitions so everyone is on the same page.

Faster time-to-data

Take advantage of the latest data from across distributed data sources. Provision new data requests quickly and react rapidly as requirements change.

Self-service data access

Help users focus on how to apply data to a range of analytics and applications, while technical teams focus on how to provision and manage it.

Reduced IT costs

Data virtualization requires a fraction of physical warehousing and ETL time, cost, and rigidity. Lower data engineering demand and fewer data copies mean significant savings.

 Enhanced governance and security

Protect your data assets from unauthorized access. Comply with regulations including those that require encryption and masking.

Enterprise scale

Support diverse demands driven by multiple lines of business, hundreds of projects, and thousands of users while meeting your most demanding SLAs.


Data Sources & Discovery

Access to 350+ data sources including applications, databases, big data, files, web services, and clouds. Data and relationship discovery with profiling.

Data Views

Create business-friendly data views from multiple data sources. Support syntactic and semantic transformations plus enrichment.

High-performance Runtime

Query acceleration via cost and rules-based optimizers and a massively parallel processing (MPP) engine. Support for 15+ cache targets out-of-the-box. Clustering to meet reliability, availability, and scalability SLAs.

Business User Data Catalog

Support business-user selfservice that includes both virtualized and non-virtualized sources. Complete lineage and where-used information.

Business User Self-service

Users can create and publish their own views that can be consumed in third-party downstream apps. Securit is policy-driven, fine-grained, multi-level security down to the cell level.

Developer Studio

Advanced studio supports the entire development lifecycle, Agile development, and devops. Native support for: SQL, SQL Script, Java, XQuery, and XSLT.