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Meeting the challenges of cybersecurity and compliance is a daunting task for organizations to face. For most IT and DevOps teams, cybersecurity adds a tremendous burden to managing the environments where their workloads are hosted. We enable our clients to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape, update market trends and regulations, and deal with potential impacts to their organizations – all backed by meticulous research and unparalleled expertise.

Penetration Testing / Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration testing has proven to hold a vital role in ensuring that weaknesses or vulnerabilities in company systems are exposed and acted on before being exploited by cyberattacks. Our Penetration and Vulnerability Assessment services provide an overall determination of information security risks within our clients’ network environments.

Axis Technologies Penetration Testing

The Enterprise Immune System


Darktrace is a global artificial intelligence company engaged in the business of cyber defense.

“Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is the only solution on the market that can detect and respond to never-before-seen threats in real-time.”
– Angad Banga, Chief Operating Officer, The Caravel Group

Antigena Email

Antigena Email is the world’s first Cyber AI solution for the inbox. By learning the normal ‘pattern of life’ for every user and correspondent, the technology builds an evolving understanding of the ‘human’ within email communications.

Darktrace’s Antigena Email is the highest-rated email security product on Gartner, blowing past the likes of Proofpoint, Mimecast, and Microsoft ATP.


Security As A Service

Cloud from the beginning. Built for the future. Zscaler security as a service is delivered through a purpose-built, globally distributed platform. Zscaler is responsible for securing more than 400 of the Forbes Global 2000 companies. These organizations and others running some of the world’s most complex networks quickly realize the benefits of Zscaler cloud-delivered security as a service. Axis Tech partners with Zscaler to offer thier full suite of solutions. 


Insider Threat

by Securonix

Internal attacks are far more damaging than an external attack. See how having tools that give you insight into Users, Accounts, Devices, and behaviors gives you the power to protect your people, data, and assets.


AI-based Endpoint Security Solution

Your most sensitive data lives on the endpoint and in the cloud. Protect what matters most from cyberattacks. Fortify every edge of your network with real-time autonomous protection. SentinelOne’s Autonomous Endpoint Protection saves you time by using multiple AI engines, providing complete visibility into all activity, and even rolling back threats with a single agent.


Data Security, Evolved.

Modern organizations deserve modern data security. Protect your sensitive information from cybercriminals, insider threats, and third-party vendors.

Nullafi Vault

The best way to protect sensitive data to preserve usefulness but eliminate risk. Store, share, and access highly sensitive data without compromise or stress.

Nullafi Shield

The best way to protect sensitive data to preserve usefulness but eliminate risk. Store, share, and access highly sensitive data without compromise or stress.


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