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Let us test your Log4j Vulnerability before the worst happens.

Because of its prevalence, Log4j is a widespread danger to all enterprise data systems. This omnipresence has created many other cyberthreats, including Ransomeware hackers leveraging Log4j vulnerabilities in active attacks. Contact us today so we can test your vulnerabilities and recommend solutions.

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What you should be asking about Log4j 

Determining your Log4j vulnerabilities can be challenging. Some of the many questions you may be asking are, “What is Log4j? Where do we start to figure out if it is affecting our systems? How do we fix it? What else is else is Log4j affecting?

What exactly is Log4j?
Log4j is a library that is used by many Java applications. It’s one of the most pervasive Java libraries to date. Most Java applications log data, and nothing makes this easier than Log4j.

Here is where to start when asking about your Log4j vulnerabilities:
1. Discover which services use the Log4j component
2. Find out which of these services your organization uses
3. Determine if these services are vulnerable

We can assist in all steps of determining your Log4j vulnerabilities.

Here’s what we’ll do:
1. Assess network and assets
2. Discover Log4J vulnerabilities
3. Create a plan to protect you, essentially creating roadblocks

Because using any of the available patches released by Apache can lead to additional breakdowns, the process can be daunting.
One of our specialties is helping small to medium companies step-by-step – testing, mitigating, and resolving these types of cybersecurity threats.

Let us help you avoid business disruption due to Log4j. Contact us today. You can also chat with us in real-time using our CYBER-ON-CALL chatbot to the bottom right of your screen