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We partner with TIBCO® to bring you a smart, secure, governed, enterprise-class analytics platform with built-in data wrangling that delivers AI-driven, visual, geo, and streaming analytics. Whether you are beginning your analytics journey by building a simple dashboard or generating deeper insights with a hyper-rich interactive analytic app, TIBCO Spotfire® software supports you with numerous tools and techniques.

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Real-time business intelligence enables business users to get up-to-the-minute data by comparing current business events with historical patterns to identify issues or opportunities automatically. It is made possible with data warehouses that include:

Data Virtualization

Abstracting, transforming, and delivering data from a variety of information sources so that it may be accessed by a consuming application or users upon request.

Data Abstraction

Using data abstraction to provide a single interface for viewing all the data within an organization.

Enterprise application integration

A collection of technologies and services that form a “middleware” to enable the integration of systems and applications across the enterprise.

Service-oriented architectures (SOA)

Flexible design principles used to package functionality as a suite of interoperable services that can be used by different domains within the same business.

The bottom line is that real-time business intelligence supports instant decision-making. With real-time business intelligence, if a customer walks up to a checkout counter at a department store with a shirt, the cashier can tell the customer about the coordinating tie that is available for purchase in the adjacent department.

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