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Axis Technologies Green Initiatives

We care about the earth and strive to lessen our footprint by: • Using energy-efficient hardware in our IT systems and business computers • Responsibly recycling all outdated electronics • Practicing conscious waste reduction in our offices by managing everything from our electronic communications to temperature control to water consumption • We Reduce, Reuse, &…
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CYBER-ON-CALL® restores data after ransomware attack

CYBER-ON-CALL® (Axis Technologies) Successfully Restores Data Due To Ransomware Attack for Oil & Gas Client

A CYBER-ON-CALL® team from Axis Technologies recently executed a ransomware attack solution to restore a significant data loss for an oil & gas client. Ransomeware infected the client’s Oklahoma servers over a recent weekend, and they immediately called Axis Technologies. The latter deployed one of their CYBER-ON-CALL teams to the client’s remote Texas/DFW office. The…
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Axis Technologies champions Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

Axis Technologies & CYBER-ON-CALL® Champion Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Axis Technologies & CYBER-ON-CALL® Announces Commitment to Global Efforts Advocating for Cybersecurity and Online Behavior Change during Cybersecurity Awareness Month This year’s initiative highlights the growing importance of cybersecurity and encouraging individuals and organizations to take necessary measures to stay safe and secure in an increasingly connected world Media Contacts: Andrea DeLesDernierAxis TechnologiesMarketing September…
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Cyber-On-Call Twitter

Axis Technologies Launches CYBER-ON-CALL® Cybersecurity Solution

Cybersecurity & Enterprise Data Management Specialists, Axis Technologies, introduces CYBER-ON-CALL® ( Going beyond SOC-as-service, the comprehensive MSSP encompasses all the vital solutions an enterprise needs to holistically protect its most precious resources – 24x7x365.

Darktrace Antigena white paper and reviews Axis Technologies

Darktrace Antigena: AI Email Security rated Best-in-class

With 94% of cyberattacks originating via email, traditional security tools are no longer enough. Darktrace Antigena Email is one of the highest-rated email security solutions on the market. As a Darktrace solutions partner, Axis Technologies can help you understand and execute the solution as it works in tandem with your other cybersecurity solutions. Read on,…
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Data Privacy Day

Axis Tech the evolution of Technology caveman

The Evolution of Technology

From the invention of the wheel to Artificial Intelligence, the evolution of technology impacts our lives daily. Axis Technologies offers cutting-edge tech while always remembering nothing replaces the human touch when helping our clients. Discover how we can help you with your digital transformation and cybersecurity needs.

Axis Technologies Healthcare cybersecurity

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity

The evolving demand for Healthcare & Pharma cybersecurity The healthcare industry is increasingly relying upon internet-connected devices and solutions to improve patient care, organizational efficiency, speed of crisis response, and much more. The emergence of telemedicine, digital health records, internet-connected medical devices, patient wellness apps, and an increasing amount of third parties entering the health…
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Axis partners with Darktrace

Axis Technologies is partnering with Darktrace, a global AI leader in cyberdefense. As a solution provider, we are pleased to offer Darktrace for our cybersecurity clients, providing both the software suites and related consulting services, training, and support. Darktrace autonomously detects and fights back against emerging cyberthreats across the enterprise.

Tibco announces the release of Spotfire X

TIBCO® has released Spotfire® X, their most sophisticated version of Spotfire to date. Spotfire’s all-new A(X) Experience is now agile, augmented, automatic, and accelerated with AI capabilities to help you get even more out of your data. Learn more.