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Axis Technologies Data Management Specialists

The Importance of Master Data Management and Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation requires that all of your systems communicate. The challenge is how to achieve data wrangling with the quantity and silos of data that need tracking and sharing among business teams. The answer is simplifying outdated silos by creating easy-to-share data relationships using multi-domain MDM. Digital transformation is a hot topic in the business…
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Embedded Analytics

What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded analytics, or embedded business intelligence (BI), is the Integration of reports, dashboards, data visualizations, and other powerful BI capabilities inside a business application or web portal. The information is typically displayed and managed by a BI platform and is placed directly within the application or product’s user interface to improve data usability and decision making.…
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Axis Technologies is Your Digital Transformation Partner

The importance of digital transformation is undeniable in today’s small to medium business and enterprise environments. It’s never been more critical to manage & protect your data. Our mission is to help you succeed by supplying the best-qualified data management, PLM, MDM, and Analytic solutions enabling you to manage, automate, and analyze your critical data…
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Axis Technologies Offers TIBCO EBX® Software for Master Data Management

Axis Technologies, data management specialists, teams with our long-time partner, TIBCO, to offer an innovative master data management (MDM) software solution – TIBCO EBX® software is a single solution for managing, governing, and consuming all your shared data assets. It includes all the enterprise-class capabilities you need to create data management applications, including user interfaces…
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Don’t wait for things to blow up! Contact us now for Log4j Vulnerability Testing. Determining your Log4j vulnerabilities can be challenging. Some of the many questions you may be asking are, “What is Log4j? Where do we start to figure out if it is affecting our systems? How do we fix it? What else is…
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cyber-on-call 24x7 cybersecurity soc-as-a-service mdr

Axis Technologies Launches CYBER-ON-CALL®

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Axis Technologies Launches CYBER-ON-CALL® Cybersecurity Solution A 24x7x365 MDR & SOC-as-a-service with Overwatch powered by Adlumin Plano, TX – June 8, 2021 – Cybersecurity & Enterprise Data Management Specialists, Axis Technologies, introduces CYBER-ON-CALL® ( Going beyond SOC-as-a-service, the comprehensive MDR encompasses all the vital solutions an enterprise needs to protect its most…
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Axis Technologies Healthcare industry cybersecurity

The Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity

The healthcare industry is increasingly relying upon internet-connected devices and solutions to improve patient care, organizational efficiency, speed of crisis response, and much more. The emergence of telemedicine, digital health records, internet-connected medical devices, patient wellness apps, and an increasing amount of third parties entering the health supply chain has created many benefits but has…
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Axis partners with Darktrace

Axis Technologies is partnering with Darktrace, a global AI leader in cyberdefense. As a solution provider, we are pleased to offer Darktrace for our cybersecurity clients, providing both the software suites and related consulting services, training, and support. Darktrace autonomously detects and fights back against emerging cyberthreats across the enterprise.