Software Customization

Software Customization

Even with robust ERP solutions such as SAP and Oracle, very few organizations are able to use this software straight off the shelf, with no customization. As project teams delve into the details of the software during the implementation cycle, requests to make one or more customizations to the software are inevitable.

Given our experience in ERP platforms across many industries, Axis Technologies minimizes the complexity and risk of software customization. We also understand the importance of retaining the upgradability of your software for the future.

We begin by helping you understand the difference between software customization and normal ERP package configuration. Many parameters, fields, and workflows can be configured to match your company’s requirements as part of a normal ERP implementation. But when customization is required, we offer the level of technical sophistication needed to achieve a successful outcome and at lower costs than competing firms.

As the project progresses, we manage the customization process by establishing clear, company-wide definition of business requirements and project controls. We identify and prioritize which functions should be added as part of the overall functionality of the existing system.

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