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For over 12 years, Axis Technologies has been providing Best-in-Class application development and support to our client base. Centered on your specific needs, we provide on-site technical experts to complement your project or you can choose to outsource the project by utilizing our in-house services.

We provide the IT Infrastructure at our data center and the technical expertise and applications which complement your existing environment. The results are a highly cost-effective solution with on-time deliverables.

Based on the following steps, our Consultants are committed to providing exceptional service with on-time and very cost-effective deliverables. These solutions are designed based on an agreed to Scope-of-Work (SOW):

  • Scoping the required project
  • Determining key deliverables
  • Assembling a team of IT specialists
  • Alignment of resources based on current requirements
  • Requirements mapping
  • Creating a project plan and timeline
  • Executing application development
  • Conducting quality assurance & test plans
  • Presenting deliverables
  • Deployment / acceptance phase


At Axis Technologies we strive to provide our clients with everything they need in order for their business to flourish. Our goal is to create tailored solutions to whatever your needs are to save you time and money.



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Hewlett Packard Mary Kay
Textron Lockheed Martin
Emerson Process Management Vought Aircraft Industries
United Defense L3 Communications

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