Implementation and Training

Implementation and Training

Axis Technologies offers a database of over 6,000 highly skilled and tenured consultants who are experienced in delivering industry solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. We are backed by a proven track record of successful delivery around the globe.

We offer customized training solutions for your organization based on your needs and expectations. E-learning assignments can be assigned to your users to cover the basic of your new system, an especially efficient solution for a workforce that is geographically distributed.

 Instructor-led classes are another option when your resources permit, and can be combined with or substitute for e-learning solutions. These classes can cover more advanced topics and provide an opportunity to discuss the unique situations and “what ifs” that pertain to individual users.

Axis Technologies can either offer standard technical manuals with detailed instructions, or we can follow the newer “wiki” model, packed with step by step instructions covering everything in the system.


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