Advanced Visualization

Advanced Visualization

Working with selected partners, Axis Technologies implements the most advanced solutions in the world. The sci-fi thriller Minority Report featured the g-speak platform developed by Oblong Industries.

This ground-breaking technology has been adopted by leaders in government, defense, broadcast, healthcare, energy exploration, industrial design, and more.

Advanced visualization helps business and government agencies enhance the productivity of their existing computing solutions by making it easier for employees to collaborate and present their ideas. Government organizations can more efficiently sort through enormous quantities of data in order to make better decisions with greater precision.

You may be familiar with the earliest applications of advanced visualization with the large display solutions used in Operation Centers or featured in broadcasts by CNN. Our commitment to innovation and our willingness to expand the boundaries of UI solutions means that we can solve challenges in nearly any business or government environment. Contact George Bower for more details.

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Hewlett Packard Mary Kay
Textron Lockheed Martin
Emerson Process Management Vought Aircraft Industries
United Defense L3 Communications

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